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Epic :30 TV Spot

The "Ice Age 4" opening pedigree graphic in this spot was a lot harder to create than it looks! I needed to re-arrange the character elements, change the aspect ratio of the frame, add water (seamlessly) and track the iceberg element to add the Ice Age title. Whoof! I also creatively directed the graphics team at Toy Box on this spot.

KONAMI Yu-Gi-Oh! - Collectible Tins TV Commercial

KONAMI TV Commercial for "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Collectible Tins Produced at MAX-Q for Syncretic Media. I conceived, produced, and directed this commercial with Naruo Uchida, who was executive producer. 2-3D Films in Los Angeles created the wonderful Yu-Gi-Oh dragon characters, under stringent KONAMI guidelines. What people may not realize watching this commercial is that the product shot at the end of the spot is completely CG, not filmed.  Bonus points (with me) if you know who the voice-over artist is.