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"Operation Eagles Flight" V2 Array Previsualization

The Nazi Array (Rocket Container) being towed to... Argentina?

Tom Guttry of ACE (Alchemic Creative Entertainment) asked me to help visualize just what an Array might have looked like. An Array was an underwater launch pad for a V2 missile that the 3rd Reich wanted to launch at New York City at the end of WWII. I had never heard of this particular Nazi secret weapon and was intrigued as to how it might look. I referenced a very crude plan view to create a scale 3D model and paired it with a WWII-era U-Boat that would have been utilized to tow the vessel to its launch site. A frightening scenario that thankfully never materialized. However, of the three Arrays that were known to have been built, only two destroyed Arrays were accounted for after the war. This image depicts the last surviving Array being transported to Argentina and filled with missing gold bullion to finance the fleeing Nazis' escape. The missing gold, estimated to be worth billions, has never been found.

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Photo Shoot for the Toyota 2018 Camry Reveal at the Detroit Auto Show

The Stars - Ximena, Jason & the car.  (Click picture to watch event video)

The Stars - Ximena, Jason & the car.

(Click picture to watch event video)

I received a call last week from Tom Guttry of Green Tricycle Studios.

"Can you go to Detroit this Friday?"

"Why?", I asked, quickly looking up the weather and seeing it was 6˚degrees Fahrenheit in Detroit.

"We're streaming a live event revealing the new 2018 Toyota Camry at the biggest auto show in the world and we need to create a photo campaign in one day."


I said yes.

The Crew

I art directed the shoot and composited the final images. Just got back and I think it turned out lovely.  Client was ecstatic. Many thanks to Byron Atienza who photographed the celebrity event hosts, Ximena Córdoba and Jason Silva, the crew on the hectic shoot, and Tom Guttry who held it all together for us.




To view the photos, click on them below, or view a gallery page of the photos here.

Posted on January 10, 2017 and filed under Art Director, Designer, Visual Effects.

"The Demon Files" Reality TV

I'm excited to start work on a new reality show (now in production all across the United States) currently titled "The Demon Files" which I have just signed up for.  I will be responsible for creating the show open, including it's title logo, motion graphic design, and editorial.  I am also tasked with creating the show's bumpers, transitions, and perhaps most interestingly, the visual effects for the show's re-creatiions of demonic sightings, ghost hauntings and "Shadow people" reported by the show's subjects.  Stay tuned!

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