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Where can I get a great pitch deck design to sell my concept?


...You may have asked yourself.

Let me present myself as the answer. I didn't originally set out to design pitch decks, but over the years my clients have asked me to create many for their great projects. And most of them were successfully pitched! I was then decked!... er, when they were produced. Ok, I'll be serious....

Let me create a branded, individually crafted, and targeted design for your next pitch. And let me show you what I've done for my clients. However, in order to protect my clients' (and your!) I.P., my pitch deck page is password-protected. If you or your company needs a great pitch deck and you want to see what I've done for my clients, please contact me and I'll send you your own password (The following images have beed scrubbed of I.P. content).

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"Lucky's Clinic" Sales Poster

I designed this Sales Poster and main title design for the show for Ashley Park Productions for producer Ashley Park and Producer/Director Tim McGrath. The pilot episode is a "The Office" style sitcom concerning a oncologist (Justin Martindale) and his clinic director Lucky (Tim McGrath) that claim to have found the cure for cancer. This off-the-wall ensemble piece also includes the talents of Producer Ashley Park (Hawaii 5-0, Last Life, Miss Asia 2015) playing a just-recovered meth addict, Charlene Amoia (NCIS: New Orleans, Bones, Sleepy Hollow) as Roz, Lucky's on-again, on-again ex-girlfriend, and Tracey Birdsall (Loving, Hearts Are Wild) as Lucky's Mom, his boss. The project is currently hitting the film festival and sales circuit.

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Mandates, An Original Musical Poster Design

The Logo

I was privileged to create this logo and poster design for my stepdaughter Gretchen Freihon's original musical "Mandates". The story follows a young Mike Pence (yes THAT Mike Pence) though his life as he struggles to come to grips with the realization that he is gay. Yep!

The Poster

The play is extremely funny and the music is wonderful. There's even a happy ending; President Trump is impeached and Mike, now President Pence, comes out to the world and finds his true destiny. The play was slated to be performed at the Agoura High School's Black Box Theater, but the Principal of the school, Brian Mercer, banned the play from campus after discovering its inclusive, gay theme. This necessitated that the authors and their parents scramble to find a new venue in a week, this all while the authors were in their last week of High School before graduation.

The musical premiered last night at the Class Act Musical Theater in Woodland Hills to a sold-out crowd of 250 people. The play received not one, not two but three standing ovations for the cast and authors; Gretchen Freihon (creator and author), Jillian Heller (author and composer/performer) and Olivia Kepler (author and editor). Needless to say I am extremely proud of Gretchen, her co-authors, and the incredible cast and crew that wouldn't take no as an answer. Congratulations!

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Photo Shoot for the Toyota 2018 Camry Reveal at the Detroit Auto Show

The Stars - Ximena, Jason & the car.  (Click picture to watch event video)

The Stars - Ximena, Jason & the car.

(Click picture to watch event video)

I received a call last week from Tom Guttry of Green Tricycle Studios.

"Can you go to Detroit this Friday?"

"Why?", I asked, quickly looking up the weather and seeing it was 6˚degrees Fahrenheit in Detroit.

"We're streaming a live event revealing the new 2018 Toyota Camry at the biggest auto show in the world and we need to create a photo campaign in one day."


I said yes.

The Crew

I art directed the shoot and composited the final images. Just got back and I think it turned out lovely.  Client was ecstatic. Many thanks to Byron Atienza who photographed the celebrity event hosts, Ximena Córdoba and Jason Silva, the crew on the hectic shoot, and Tom Guttry who held it all together for us.




To view the photos, click on them below, or view a gallery page of the photos here.

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"Saturn's Rings" Newscast Parody Graphic

A visual effect shot (VFX) I created for a friend's parody newscast, the Anti-News dealing with the until-recently top secret information that Saturn's rings are made of Earth's garbage.  Originally, I was just going to use Cassini spacecraft imagery for Saturn, but the snap-zoom into the rings wasn't good enough, so I created a 3D Saturn to make the zoom transition better.

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