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B-Girl - End Title Sequence

I Designed and Produced these end titles for the Hip-Hop Feature "B-Girl". Still photos from the Jules Urich (who played Angel) poster shoot were used for the solarized graphics between the credits and SD video footage of we shot of her in our offices was used for the "filmstrip" effect next to the title crawl. The footage was duplicated, time offset and colorized. The stylized "angel wings" that were created for the poster were also incorporated as an animated background element.

Posted on February 1, 2006 and filed under Producer, Title Design, Motion Graphics.

B-Girl - Opening Dance Sequence

Emily Dell (Director) asked me to enhance the opening dance sequence that leads to the feature main title. I added the light streaks to Jules Urich's dance moves to give the sequence a more magical and introspective feel. The graphics establish and represent an inner experience for the character "Angel" and establishes Angel as a girl with a dream. B-Girl is an excellent film made on a small budget that celebrates a girl's dreams, achievements and her journey to find herself through her art. You can purchase a copy of the DVD here.

Posted on February 1, 2006 and filed under Producer, Title Design, Motion Graphics.

Distortion - Feature Opening Titles

I created this main title concept and animation for Kirk Fogg's independent feature film Distortion in which he also starred. I also designed the color treatment and effects of the opening scene to enhance the unreal quality of the sequence, which we discover is a dream. The shattering glass was created in Cinema 4D and composited with footage from the film.

Posted on January 19, 2006 and filed under Producer, Title Design, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics.