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Cereality Colonial Virtual Set

Green Screen Plate

Green Screen Plate

Final Composite with the 3D Colonial-Era Virtual Set

Final Composite with the 3D Colonial-Era Virtual Set

An example of a virtual set that I researched, designed and created in 3D for the Disney/Kelloggs/Got Milk? collaborative online web series, Cereality; The History of Breakfast.  Each episode took place in a different era and took on a particular problem that certain periods in history struggled through in getting a good breakfast.  It was a comedy, of course.  I also tracked and color matched the green screen plates with the actors into these scenes.

Posted on September 1, 2014 and filed under Visual Effects, Designer.

Cereality Visual Effects

Supermom averts   a coffee disaster by inventing solid ice latte's  .

Supermom averts a coffee disaster by inventing solid ice latte's.

Supermom isn't above hypnotizing her husband to subject the family to her will.

Supermom freezing time for her family and getting her way, again.

Some silly visual effects I created for Cereality: Supermom and the Breakfast Breakdown.  The Cereality series was an online webisode collaboration for Disney, Kelloggs and the Got Milk? campaign solving breakfast problems through the power of cereal and milk.  Yes, it was a humorous public service offering.

Posted on November 20, 2012 and filed under Visual Effects.